This Clan Is Officialy Dead X_X

λbsolute Kill

We are open for tryouts

Our Tag: λk☆ (☆=Star)

Absolute Kill is a clan with skill. This clan has Requirments.


-You will need to have an average of 9000vr-9999vr

-You need to have Skype (notify me if you cant get on it during a race)

-Have to have a star rank.

- You must be an active chatter in the chat room. We want to keep this Clan active.

- You must be a team player.

-You must be able to communicate in a mature manner.

- Finally, bring a friendly personality with you to the team. We are here to have fun and race.

We are restricting recruitment to top tier players. We have a right to turn down a tryout when we are not in NEED of players.

How do you tryout?

Join our chat room and mention you're wanting to tryout. You will get asked some questions, and we'll take it from there. We may accept you without a tryout based on what we already know from you, this includes your talent as a racer and your personality.